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At Freedom Homes, we find innovative real estate solutions that are designed to help you achieve home ownership. Freedom is what everyone wants, and we are here to make your freedom a reality.

Freedom Homes, exist to help you find freedom to dream, share, serve and earn. 




Freedom Home Builders began with a collection of experiences. As a whole we came together as a team to give people, real, different options to the “status quo” of getting into a home. We brought together our knowledge of building, financing and partnerships to give people the new way to grow into a home. We want people to live Free | Relax | Enjoy.


Freedom is really what everyone wants, and our dedicated team of home improvement professionals are on a mission to help you achieve your dream.

We are here to create diverse home improvement offerings that range from rental properties, to brand new homes and building renovations. We firmly believe that developing a rich working relationship is the key to success, and helping people is at the heart of our operation.

Wealth plays a crucial role in most people’s dreams, but thanks to our transparent business model, we can work with you to achieve financial freedom and develop lasting relationships.

Meet the Team

Ryan Anderson

A 34-year-old construction expert, Ryan has been in the business for 15 years. He brings a wealth of knowledge to Freedom Home Builders learnt from the bottom up: he began his career as a painter, but is now a fully licensed builder.

Away from the workplace Ryan is just as committed to personal and professional growth. He is a father with strong family values, and understands the importance of bonding over relationships and common goals. A team player, Ryan continues to play competitive basketball and regularly takes part in outdoor motorsports such as quading and dirt biking. Although he is in touch with the world around him, his artistic nature allows him to think outside of the box to find creative solutions to the problems he faces in life and the workplace.

Thanks to Ryan’s unquenchable thirst for self-improvement, excellent time management skills and master estimator status, he is an invaluable member of the Freedom Home Builders team.

Ryan is a certified professional with a pacific home warranty guarantee.

Josh is a 38 year old with a heart of gold and the history to prove it.

Following 10 years in the building construction industry, he contributes philanthropic vision to Freedom Home Builders. His benevolent nature and generous ethos has helped to elevate and shape the businesses core values.

Like his colleague Ryan, Josh is a keen athlete with a history in competitive basketball. Now a family man with a grand total of six kids, he brings an awesome team spirit to the table and matches it with a will to improve the lives of the friends he so regularly makes. Josh is a visionary, able to match opportunities with places, and help people to achieve their dreams.

Josh’s attitude towards life combined with his building construction knowledge made him recognise the need for a transparent builder. Thanks to Freedom Home Builders, that need has now been realised.

Ryan Anderson

Josh Hall


Located in the Fraser River basin in southwestern British Columbia, the Fraser Valley is an idyllic sight for tired eyes, tucked snuggly under a blanket of naturally beauty and free living. The valley is situated north east of Vancouver, and boasts outstanding wildlife, gorgeous sunsets, and free living at every turn – offering a space where you are guaranteed to find your personal freedom and discover life as you want to live it.

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